Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Creative Story

“But…but I thought you were dead!” I said as my best friend comes off one of the longest ,scariest rides in the carnival.
“It’s not that scary Ellen” Tom said as he walk toward me. “It’s just a ride, I am totally safe.”
“I know haha, but you know I don’t like rides like that…they kind of scare me.” I said very embarrassed.
“It’s ok lots of people are afraid of rides like the Bone Crusher.” Tom said. “You will always be safe with me around.” He said while smiling and giving me a hug.
“Yeah…I no.” I said. “I still get scared.”
After that, Tom and I spent countless hours going on other rides that I would like and some that he would like. Tom was one of the best boyfriends I could have ever asked for. Looking back on that wonderful day at the carnival, I want to cry because I miss him so much.
His death was something of a tragedy. I will never forget that fateful day. One of the saddest days of my life.
Walking on the beach together, holding hands and watching as our friends run by. We spent the whole night together with our friends. I never thought that such a beautiful and fun night would come to such a horrendous ending.
“I should go.” I say as I look at the time.
The time was 10:30 PM. And I know my mother would be worried if I came in around 11:00 PM.
“Ok. Do you want me to walk you home?” He asked. “There are some weird people out there and I want you to be safe.”
“No, it’s ok…I’ll be ok.”
“….ok…well I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said.
He kissed my forehead and gave me a hug.
“Stay safe.” He whispered.
“I will, don’t worry.” I said.
After walking down the driveway and making it almost halfway down the street I realize that the only light in the streets was the light of the moon. I could barely see anything besides the small pieces of sidewalk in front of me. Every step I took, I could feel something bad was going to happen. As I kept that feeling in the back of my head, I felt like someone was following me.
“Who is there?” I say.
After saying that I start to hear a lot of rustling in the bushes. Now at running speed I race down the street to my house. In a split second a man jumps out in front of me. I couldn’t make out the face of the man because he was wearing a black hood. I stumble backwards and bump into something. I turn around and it was another man whose face I can’t make out.
“Well well well, look who we’ve got here.” Said one of the men.
“Yeah haha what is a pretty girl like yourself walking alone an such a dark night?” The other asks.
I didn’t say a word.
“Yeah, there are some pretty weird people out here at night.” One man said.
I try to find a way to get away from the two men as the start to close in on me. I saw a gap in the two men and I run as fast as I can to get away. As I run one man grabs me from behind and slams me to the ground. I let out a loud yelp. The man holds me down on the ground as the other comes over.
“Get her up.” The man says.
The man holding me to the ground forces me to stand. Holding a knife the man almost at arm’s length away quickly runs up to me and places the knife on my neck.
“Help!” I yell, hoping someone will hear me.
“Oh..don’t yell.” He said. “No one will hear you, and if they did, they wouldn’t come.”
“Yeah why would they come?.” The other man said.
“HELP!” I yelled again, still hoping that someone would come.
Just seconds after I yelled, Tom came running down the street.
“Get away from her!” He yelled.
Tom stopped just before the man holding me, punched Tom. I jumped to the side and watch painfully as Tom and the man fight. Tom was punched twice and kicked once. Tom Punched the man once and the face and he was down. After the man fell and failed to get up, the mother man with the knife grabbed me and held the knife up to me neck.
“Don’t you come near!” The man yelled, “If you do, I will kill her!”
“You let her go now!!” Tom yelled.
“I will not let her go!” He yelled.
“Then I’ll fight you for her.” Tom said.
The man let me go and went to go fight Tom. I watched in horror as the man tries to constantly cut and punch Tom, and watching Tom fight back. The man hit Tom hard that knocked him to the ground, as he was watching Tom fall I jumped on his back to let Tom get up. I stayed on his back as long as I could before he smashed me to the ground. Laying there in pain I watch as the man comes closer with the knife in his hand.
“Your next!” He yelled at me.
“No!” I yell.
As I sat there waiting for the man to take me life away, Tom comes up from behind and grabs him by the legs and slams him to the ground. Unfortunately when that happened his knife sliced my leg open, which made me scream in pain. Tom quickly threw him to the ground hard enough that it would take a wile for him to get up. He ran over to me.
“Ellen, Ellen!” Said Tom, “It’s ok.”
“Tom it hurt so bad!” I yell.
“I no, I no lets go come on before he gets up.” He said.
“I can’t stand Tom it hurts to bad.” I say.
“Here.” Tom said.
He picks me up and starts to run as fast as he can down the street. Knowing that the man is close behind. He puts me down in the front yard of my neighbor’s house. Tom goes back to fight the man to protect me. Knowing that the neighbors are home, I stager to the door to call 911.
“HELP, HELP!!!” I yell.
“What!?!?” The neighbors come out and find the boys fighting.
“Call 911!” I yell.
She went back inside and called 911. Just as she runs inside I am frightened by the worst sound in the world. The man stabbed Tom.
“NO! TOM!!!” I scream.
I run as fast as I can with my hurt leg over to Tom. Blood all over the road, I take me sweatshirt and put it over his wound.
“Ellen….” I whispers.
“It’s ok Tom, the ambulance is coming to help you.” I say. “please Tom, don’t leave me!”
“No…..look behind you….”He says.
I turn around to see the man come up behind me slowly with the knife in hand. I stand to face him. As I do that the police instantly arrives and takes him to the ground. Also instantly taking both Tom and I to the hospital.
I wait hours for the results of how Tom is. My leg was fixed within minutes. Finally the doctor tells me that Tom has only minutes left to live because of the condition he is in.
“NO!” I yell.
I run into his room where he is laying on a bed crying. I run up to him crying and give him a hug.
“Tom you can’t leave me!” I say.
“I no…but it will be ok the only thing that is important is that you are safe.” He explains. “I told you that you would always be safe when I am around.” He said smiling.
“Tom….” I say.
Tom died that night just minutes later. His last words ever to me and my last words to him were both the same.
“I love you…”

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